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Morning [Nov. 18th, 2003|10:23 am]
Some idiot almost ran me off the road this morning.
Why can't people be more aware of bike lanes anyway?

Meh, it could have been much worse but it still pisses me off.

Other than that EMT classes start up again this week so I will be studying my brain out soon enough. The cable is back on which is good since one course is a teleclass. I could ride to campus and watch it there but it is definitely better to see it here.

My roommate made dinner last night and it was actually pretty good, not always a moron.

[User Picture]From: jeremyjeremy07
2004-07-06 01:43 am (UTC)


Howdy, I was just searching through intrests and I found that you had Horseshoe Bay listed, do you live there? lol j/w

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